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NZ Open Veterans Championships - Invercargill - 21-25 April 2011

Thanks to the good work of Alan Moore we are pleased to be able to display some photos from these championships.

If anyone would like an original, uncropped, higher definition image contact rjradford@xtra.co.nz and we would be pleased to supply.

nzvets2011_over40_women.jpg (41562 bytes)

Over 40 Women's Team

L/R: Mimi Walle , Akiko Goto (C),
Sabine Westenra,  Belgin Bennett (Presidents)

nzvets2011_over40_men.jpg (41724 bytes)

Over 40 Men's Teams

L/R: Lyndon White,  Malcolm Darroch (C - A team), Greg Letts,
Craig Campbell
(AUS), Gregg Davey, Grant Wilson, Jeff Mason (C - C team)

nzvets2011_over40_women_ind.jpg (29251 bytes)

Over 40 Women's Singles

L/R: Sabine Westenra (W), Belgin Bennett (AUS), 
Jean Pierce (AUS)

nzvets2011_over40_womens_doubles.jpg (41668 bytes)

Over 40 Women's Doubles

L/R: Lesley Gardner, Tutty Tanfana (C),
Sarah Sandley (A), Sabine Westenra (W)

nzvets2011_over40_xd.jpg (42262 bytes)

Over 40 Mixed Doubles

L/R: Brian Berry, Sarah Sandley (A), Craig Campbell (AUS),   Belgin Bennett (AUS), Greg Letts, Jeane Strong (AUS), Tutty Tanfana (C)

nzvets2011_over40_mens_doubles.jpg (32726 bytes)

Over 40 Men's Doubles

L/R: Greg Letts, Craig Campbell (AUS), Lyndon White,
Malcolm Darroch
(C), Brian Berry (AUS)

nzvets2011_over40_mens_ind.jpg (28624 bytes)

Over 40 Men's Singles

L/R: Brian Berry (AUS), Malcolm Darroch (C),
Greg Letts (AUS)

nzvets2011_over50_mens_doubles.jpg (54624 bytes)

Over 50 Men's Doubles

L/R: Alistair Armstrong, Stuart Armstrong (C), Craig Campbell,   Brian Berry, Thomas Samuelsson (AUS), Gregg Davey, Malcolm Darroch (C)

nzvets2011_over50 women_ind.jpg (29710 bytes)

Over 40 Women's Singles

L/R: Tutty Tanfana (C), Roma Chambers (AUS)

nzvets2011_over50_men_ind.jpg (53091 bytes)

Over 50 Men's Singles

L/R: Craig Campbell (AUS), Malcolm Darroch (C),
Thomas Samuelsson (AUS), Brian Berry ( AUS)

nzvets2011_over50_men.jpg (50156 bytes)

Over 50 Men's Teams

L/R: Doug Pattinson, Kevin Fogarty (NH), Alistair Armstrong, Stuart Armstrong,  (C-A team),
Gregg Davey,  Grant Wilson,  Jeff Mason (C-B team)


nzvets2011_over50_womens_doubles.jpg (41209 bytes)

Over 50 Women's Doubles

L/R: Lesley Gardner, Tutty Tanfana (C),
Vicky Carruthers, Roma Chambers (AUS)

nzvets2011_over50_women.jpg (39916 bytes)

Over 50 Women' s Teams

L/R: Tanya Sulimova, Martina Bohm (WT), Vicky Carruthers,
Roma Chambers
(AUS), Lesley Gardner, Tutty Tanfana (C)

nzvets2011_over50_xd.jpg (54804 bytes)

Over 50 Mixed Doubles

L/R: Doug Pattinson, Tanya Sulimova (NH), Roma Chambers,
Brian Berry, Craig Campbell
Lesley Gardner, Stuart Armstrong (C)


nzvets2011_over60_men.jpg (43093 bytes)

Over 60 mens Teams

L/R: John Sherrif , Michael Ede, Mick Wright,
Stephen Tai, Ken Cole

nzvets2011_over60_men_ind.jpg (33428 bytes)

Over 60 men's Singles
L/R: Thomas Samuelsson, Mick Wright (AUS)

nzvets2011_over60_mens_doubles.jpg (49741 bytes)

Over 60 Men's Doubles

L/R: Song Chen, Michael Ede, Mick Wright,
Ken Cole, Werner Borkhardt, Thomas Samuelsson

nzvets2011_over60_mixed_doubles.jpg (47790 bytes)

Over 60 Mixed Doubles

L/R: Tanya Sulimova (WT), Mick Wright (AUS), Val Beaver (NH),
Ken Cole (AUS), Lynley Barker (C), Michael Ede, Averil Roberts (AUS)

nzvets2011_over60_women_ind.jpg (30923 bytes)

Over 60 Women's Singles

L/R: Val Beaver, Tanya Sulimova (WT), Val Scarr (MN)


nzvets2011_over60_womens_doubles.jpg (39825 bytes)

Over 60 Women's Doubles

L/R: Averil Roberts (AUS), Val Beaver (NH),
Joan Munn (AUS), Tanya Sulimova (WT)



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